We’re StraighterLine’s Academic Team. We make courses, we make courses better, and we manage the full student experience via the Learning Management System (Moodle). Collectively we are passionate about providing you an amazing online course experience that is both a great value and a great way to earn college credits.

On the site you’ll find relevant information regarding the course experience at StraighterLine, study tips, content-related posts (we love learning), guides, helpful reference material related to college-level writing, and occasionally a video or site that might induce involuntary procrastination (everyone needs a break now and again).

We’ll also be looking for you to join in the fun: so comment, participate in our polls, subscribe and spread the news. We will give plenty of opportunities for you to give us feedback, make requests or otherwise get in touch with us.

Meet our team below:

Joseph Thibault, Director of Academics

Emily Davis, Course Manager

Anissa Sorokin, Senior Manager of Academic Services


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