Introducing Our New Mobile Friendly Course Site Theme

You probably noticed our new theme for the course site at StraighterLine. While it’s a total refresh aesthetically, it also brings some added benefits to our students by providing a responsive layout.

What is responsive?

In short, a responsive theme is flexible so that no matter what screen size you’re using to view a site, the page loads to look it’s best on that screen by moving page elements or resizing columns. This means that it will be a much more friendly experience for our users who are studying with a tablet or even a phone.

What are students saying?

In our demo to date here’s what students have had to say,

The screen condenses itself to the size you choose, making it a better experience.
I was not able to adjust the size of the screen on my laptop to make the screen smaller or larger. Very Simple looking.

I think it’s better organized…

Looks better.

responsiveness is great- will make much easier to use on my tablet or phone if I’m on the go

I loved how things have heading and i can click on it to access materials. It seems more organized as well before it looked bulky, and messy. I love this new update!

Loved it, love it, loved it! Can’t get here fast enough!

It was such a nice layout. Not as confusing. And it was easier to maneuver around in.

Will the theme now work on all devices? In short, yes. But the content that drives our courses has not changed. Through extensive testing we’ve identified a few devices and OS versions that might continue to have trouble viewing content specifically. We are working with our content partners over time to improve the mobile experience for all courses.

Known issues:

  • On many mobile devices lesson presentations do not autoplay, just click the little play button to start the audio on each slide.
  • iOS8: if you’re using iOS8 you may not have the best experience with the McGraw Hill content. Earlier versions of iOS may provide better experiences to students.
  • PE101: Flash content is not supported on Android or iOS
  • MAT250, MAT251, PHY250: Flash content is not supported on Android or iOS

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