Ready for your 5k? Be wary of the heat this summer

If you’re in PE101 and gearing up for your 5k or fitness test be sure to use some commonsense to make sure you aren’t going to overexert yourself, that the temperature isn’t too hot, and that you have access to shade, water, a cool place to recover after all that movement and exertion.

Writing from Texas I know how hot and humid the midday can be (which is why I try to schedule any physical activity for the morning or inside at least a shady areas out of the sun), remember that the goal of the fitness test and 5k is to create a benchmark for your own fitness level (not to see if you can survive the heat and humidity of wherever you may be).

Use some commonsense and ensure that you are taking all the precautions required to stay safe and healthy when getting physical this summer. As a bonus, here’s a quick video from Ted Ed (a great source of educational content) that talks about heat stroke and how to prevent it and treat it.

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