Browser Hijacking: Ad banners and popups that shouldn’t be there

StraighterLine’s membership and course fees support our staff and help us keep the lights on so that we can continue offering really low cost college credit pathways for students like you. Unlike some other educational websites, we do not put ad banners or popups advertisements in our courses or on our site.

Which is why we were terribly confused recently when a few students mentioned they were seeing ad banners and popups in a lot of our courses as they were trying to learn (how annoying). It took a little bit of research on our end, but we did identify a few ways that your course experience (and general web browsing experience) might be negatively impacted due to a very annoying browser extension.

If you’re seeing ads at as shown in the picture below, one of these issues is likely the culprit:

Still seeing ads? Contact us today and we’ll help you out.

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