Does the Sequence of Course Topics Matter?

Take a look at these two sets of numbers:    sequence

Which sequence seems more logical? While the first set is obviously an expected sequence, you probably noticed that the second set has no real order and is instead random—unless you count it as a ZIP code 🙂

Your StraighterLine courses were designed with ordered, logical sequence in mind. While it is true that our courses are self-paced and you can technically complete them in any sequence, we highly recommend that you follow the order in which they are presented.

In general, each consecutive assignment builds upon the skills you learned in prior assignments and lessons. For example, the first three assignments in English 101 are the Fable Narrative, the Descriptive Paragraph, and the Summary Exercise. The skills used to write these assignments will be very useful in subsequent, longer essays. Likewise, the basic algebraic operations you master in Topic 1 of College Algebra are necessary for proficiency in the more challenging lessons that will follow. This rule of thumb applies to your other courses, too.

So the next time you’re tempted to jump around to random Topics, keep these tips in mind. We want our students to be successful, and this is just one more way you can make that happen!

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