Help us evaluate a new tutoring solution

We’re evaluating a new tutoring solution and we want your help. We want you to use the tutoring along with the existing tutoring provided with your membership at StraighterLine and help us learn about your preferences. Here’s what we’re looking for:

You are,

  • currently enrolled
  • interested in finishing your courses in the next two months
  • willing to try both tutoring options*
  • willing to participate in two brief surveys (one after 2 weeks the other after 5)

You’ll get,

  1. 10 additional free hours of tutoring
  2. to help us steer the direction of academics
  3. our many thanks
  4. a token of our appreciation upon successful completion of both surveys.

This pilot is only open to 10 current students and will kick off next week.

*Current tutoring is accessible through your course. This new Tutoring option will be linked from your Moodle home page but will require an additional login step. The new tutoring option will include audio, video, screen share, white board, etc. Both options will connect you with qualified tutors for your courses.


Just fill out the two items below and submit. Participants will be notified by email by 1/22.

The sign up form is now closed. But you can get involved in other user testing by signing up here.

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