New Years Resolution

Anyone can make a New Year’s Resolution, but it takes resolve and will power to bring it to fruition.


Want to save money and earn your college degree? You’ve come to the right place!

Or perhaps you want to become more mindful (how about getting a primer in Philosophy or Religion?), work on eating better (Nutrition, anyone?), lose weight/get healthy (we have PE online), learn a new language (hola, bienvenidos a español) or stay on budget (Personal Finance can help), we can help. At the very least we can cheer you on.

Whether you take a course from us or go it alone, one of the best ways to ensure that you achieve your resolution is to put it down in writing (even better if you do it publicly).

So what’s your resolution? Use the comment below to put down in writing what your 2014 Resolution will be. Here’s to a heck of a year!

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution

  1. Danika Rockett

    My running resolution is not quite so ambitious, but I do have a goal to run at least six 5K races this year!!


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