Tips for Success at StraighterLine

  1. Get the book. Assigned reading is assigned. Online college courses does not mean that you can get by without reading and just by interacting with a website. We certainly are working to create an immersive and enjoyable online experience (without the need of a hard copy book) but textbooks continue to be an important aspect of many courses (textbooks may be old technology, but they provide a solid foundation and resource for learning concepts in an organized and accessible format). Where we can we have started rolling out eTextbooks which provide more flexibility in access and some cool tools like highlights, index search, etc.
  2. Free yourself from distraction. Working at the kitchen table with a lot of hustle and bustle around you? Probably not the best way to focus. Find a quiet area that is free from distraction and set the expectation that when you’re in that area, DO NOT DISTURB. Learning takes focus, distractions will disrupt your progress.
  3. Schedule your time. Odds are you’re busy juggling life, work, and school. When it comes to tackling your school work we recommend making a schedule and sticking to it. Break the course down into smaller chunks and to keep yourself accountable make a calendar. A little bit of coursework each day can go a long way in completing a topic (or more) per week. While the syllabus doesn’t include dates, it does provide all you need to know about the course and how much work is required. (Here are some cool weekly planners we found on
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Problems logging in, worried about a rebill, contacted in regards to an Academic Honesty issue? StraighterLine is here to help, we want our students to succeed and to save a lot of money while earning college credit. Stuff happens, work with us to resolve it and then set it aside. We’ll do our best to get you set on the right track and adopt a positive mindset when working on your courses.
  5. One thing at a time. Enrolled in multiple courses concurrently? Switching tabs between the Game, College Algebra and Facebook? Listening to the narrated presentation while also reading the text on the screen. Slow down! Multitasking is not a skill, it’s a myth. Give your focus to one task at a time. For example: many of our courses created by McGraw Hill have lesson presentations including both audio and visual material. When the slide loads, let the narrator get through their schtick (we know their jokes are terrible) and then read through the slide. Doing both at the same time is not very enjoyable.
  6. Take a Break. Our courses are not created in one day, we take breaks just like you should. To be successful in the course you need to take a break from time to time. In our PE101 – Personal Fitness and Wellness course there is a required 5K which could be a good way to rejuvenate with a brisk run. Another option could be to grab a cup-of-joe if you enjoy coffee, or hot chocolate. Then get back to the books.
  7. Ask the Tutor. Working through a tough lesson? We have tutors available to you. Your subscription came with 10 FREE (we all love free stuff!) hours of tutoring time. Connect with the tutor to go over those tough questions before moving to the graded assessment.
  8. Review assignment instructions. Ready to upload your assignment?  Make sure to read over the assignment upload instructions to make sure you include all components of an assignment and are uploading the correct number of files.  Reviewing the instructions will help to make uploading your assignments easy.
  9. Verify transfer requirements. Double checking your institutions transfer policies will be a good hurdle to complete. We have many Partner Colleges where you are able to transfer (each accepts a different set of courses). You will want to view our equivalency table with each partner to see the courses accepted at that institution. If you do not see your institution listed among our partners, you will simply need to call your Advisor to inquire about their transfer policies. A good tip to mention will be our ACE Recommendation for all courses.
  10. Enjoy your course! Not every student takes advantage of cutting edge options to earn their degree. You’re taking a course with StraighterLine, you are innovative – so think of some ways to make studying fun. Every student learns material differently, knowing what type of learner you are will help make the experience more enjoyable.

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